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Mubaiites & Delhiites get ready for Triple Play

August 2nd, 2006

MTNL has started negotiating with Star, Zee and Sony for its soon to be launched IPTV service in Delhi and Mumbai. Along the lines of Triband Broadband, you will now get a setup box that basically is your interface to the TV world through broadband. MTNL triband broadband is terrible. No offence.

Triple Play basically is Voice(Phone), Data(Internet) and Video(TV). I am not sure what other value added features MTNL is planning to provide. Check out the Hype & Hurdles surrounding IPTV in India.

Some of the value added features that I will look for before subscribing to Triple Play are
a. Record and Playback
b. Total recording/storing capacity offered. (Gigs or Hours)
c. Video on Demand
d. Gaming
e. JukeBox
f. VCD/DVD compatability

If someone from MTNL is reading this post, kindly answer the questions as it will help our readers understand and get excited about these services which they have never seen before.

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