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Why STD/ISD long distance won’t make sense in few years

August 15th, 2006

In the age of VoIP and Convergence, it doesn’t make any sense when we talk about national long distance(STD) or International long distance(ISD). Why ? Consider my friend Raj who owns a small company and has clients located in the US. He has to frequently call his clients for which he relied on his cell phone ISD pack for important meetings and GTalk for the not so important ones.

Earlier this year Raj decided to BUY a Vonage phone with a CA number and bills are taken care by one of his regular clients. He gets to use an American phone sitting within the comforrts of his office in Bangalore or Mumbai wherever he goes. All he needs is his phone, his VoIP adapter and a broadband connection of atleast 256KBPs speed. Having a US number & a Bangalore number for business is more of presitge than anything else. If this trend continues then area codes 510 and 408 of CA will be very soon exhausted and half of the phones will be located outside the US.

Also you have range of VoIP handsets to suit your needs. Some can be plugegd into your computers USB, some work like your cordless and some like your cell phone, provided you have a wifi or fonero network hot spot to access.

I really hope Indian broadband service providers aggressively push broadband packs to their customers with higher bandwidths and let soem new innovation in telecom and web-services rise from the east.

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