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FM Radio compatible Nokia mobiles in India

September 29th, 2006

Here is a complete list of Nokia Mobile Phones released in India with FM Radio compatibility. Kindly tune into your local FM station and test the audio before you purchase the phone.

Nokia 3230 India

Nokia 6030 in IndiaEntry Level Models
Price: Less than Rs5,000
Models: Nokia 2310 and 6030
(6030 on your left)

Between Rs5,001 and Rs10,000
Models: 6070, 7260, 6101, 6220
7360, 3230 (On your right)

Nokia E60 in IndiaHigh end phones, Rs 15,001 and above
Models: 6270, 3250, N70, 6280, 7710
E60(On your left), N71, N91 -5 Edge,
N73, 7280, N80, N93

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