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Reliance developing games of Virgin Comics

September 21st, 2006

Reliance India Mobile is developing games out of Virgin’s Comic characters – Devi, Snakewoman, Ramayana 3392 AD and Sadhu. Virgin is extremely bullish on these games and is planning versions for online and PlayStation.

Suresh Seetharaman of Virgin Comics said that,
“Firstly, we develop the characters in a comic book, which is both low cost and is also the best form of expression with both visuals and words. We then follow two models of business where we would either go for an animation series followed by a theatrical release or vice versa”

After tasting the success of gaming in Reliance Web World, group company, Reliance Entertainment is investing Rs450 crores to launch gaming portals and gaming cafes across India. These games are targeted at school and college kids. The first gaming portal by Reliance is expected to go live by Diwali-2006.

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