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Surf anonymously when blogs and sites are blocked.

September 23rd, 2006

Most of you at times want to access sites or blogs that are being blocked by ISPs or by countries such as China and Saudi which fear a political revolution in their country. Your anxiety and curiosity to access the content is at the pinnacle and want to read the blog at any cost. Here are few simple tricks for anonymous surfing. Don’t use them from your workplace as you should believe in “Work is Worship

pkblogs: Try pkblogs.com to access any blogspot blog. This service is absolutely free.

NYUD.Net: Just append .nyud.net:8080 to the URL you wish to surf.
For example, if you wish to browse CNN.com then type the following URL in your browser window, http://www.cnn.com.nyud.net:8080

SearchEngine Cache: Google’s cache is an extremely valuable piece of information for sites that have been taken offline or blocked. For example, healthinsurancebids.com is taken offline after some controversy that appeared on BusinessWeek. Lets access the site from Google cache.

Query for site:healthinsurancebids.com and then Click on the “Cached” link as show in the picture above and a cached version of the page will load for you.

Using Google Translation: The controversial blog like that of Zhao Jing’s blog which is in Chinese is of no use to you unless you get an English Version or a Translator. Google Search Engine can translate the blog to you in English.

Query for site:anti.blog-city.com/2006.htm. Then click on the “Translate this page” link as shown above. You should get an .

Proxy Server Lists and Directories: Proxy.Org and Google Proxy Servers Directory

Happy surfing but not from Workplace 🙂

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