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Nokia vs Samsung Phones in India

October 19th, 2006

We all love Nokia and we all know it works better than the rest. However, if you are looking for an alterative phone for under Rs4,000 in India which can compete with Nokia 6030 (currently, the most popular model) then check out the cool Samsung-X160.

Nokia 6030 costs Rs. 4,000. It’s sleek, good looking and light phone, that has a modest 128×128 65k color display and a decent 3mb of memory to store stuff downloaded via GPRS. There’s no Bluetooth or USB, but the FM radio is one of the main reasons for the 6030 being a hit.

Samsung X160 is a flip phone alternative and costs Rs 3,750. No, this one doesn’t have FM, but it has a bigger 128×160 display, a 1,000-entry phonebook, 1.2mb internal memory and Java MIDP etc. I would suggest pay an additional Rs. 750 and get the X210 which has FM.

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