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Windows Vista Home , Business and Ultimate – Reveiw

October 31st, 2006

Windows Vista will be launched in 3 different versions. Home, Business and Ultimate. But before you install any of these versions, you need to have a Windows Vista Capable PC.
A Windows Vista Capable PC includes,

  • A modern processor (at least 800MHz1).
  • 512 MB of system memory.
  • A graphics processor that is DirectX 9 capable.

However, for better user experience, Microsoft recommends, the following configuration, classified as Vista Premium PC.

  • 1 GHz 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor.
  • 1 GB of system memory.
  • Support for DirectX 9 graphics with a WDDM driver, 128 MB of graphics memory (minimum)2, Pixel Shader 2.0 and 32 bits per pixel.
  • 40 GB of hard drive capacity with 15 GB free space.
  • DVD-ROM Drive3.
  • Audio output capability.
  • Internet access capability.

This will be the basic version that will be installed on all your PCs supplied by OEMs like HP, Dell, Gateway, etc. This is a replacement for Windows XP Home. Some of the enhanced featuers are Aeroo interface and integrated desktop search though Google is giving away its GDS for free and is far better than Microsoft’s search.

It will be priced at $199 for full version and $99 for an upgrade.

The Home Premium comes with an Integrated Desktop Search, Media Center features, support for DVD burners. This will be the default installation for most mid-range PCs. ($600+) If the computer has a DVD burner, it will probably get Home Premium.

The full version of it will cost $239 and an upgrade will cost $159.

Windows Vista Business adds the Aero interface and will also support Tablet PCs. It has integrated desktop search, and other goodies. This is the equivalent of Windows XP Pro in the Vista family.
It will be interesting to see if corporates running on Windows 2000 professional opt for XP Pro or Windows Vista Business edition. Microsoft is banking on that they will opt for Vista.

It is priced at $299 for full version and $199 for an upgrade.

The Vista Ultimate – the name says it all. Super set of all the other editions. It includes all the features in the other retail versions as well as corporate features like BitLocker drive encryption. I guess it is mainly targeted for Developers.

The full version comes at $399 and an upgrade will cost you $259.

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