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Samsung unveils Mini MP3 Phone SGH-X830

November 6th, 2006

Samsung Corp today unveiled its Mini MP3 Phone, SGH-X830. This phone is designed exclusively for someone who prefer something different as far as design and portability is concerned.

The phone weighs 75 gms and measures 84x30x19.9mm. The most appealing feature is the swing-open form factor, which allows the phone to function as a MP3 player when closed and as a phone when opened. In the MP3 mode, the phone displays the playlist, song information, and equalizer settings.

The phone has an in-built 1GB memory for storage of up to 250 songs. It also has click wheel navigation(like the iPod) for controlling music as well as phone functions. It has a USB 2.0 connection that handles large data volumes as well as a Music Library for organizing downloaded music.

The X830 is to release in India markets by Jan-2007.

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