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Moser Baer to KILL Indian Online DVD Rental Companies.

December 23rd, 2006

Indian Online DVD Rental Companies Moser Baer India Limited, manufacturers of low cost high quality Optical disks just a while ago have announced their plans to enter VCD / DVD retailing of Bollywood Movies. Moser Baer is all set to wipe out the pirated market as well as online DVD rental companies by pricing as cheap as Rs 28- Rs 34 VCD / DVD.

Moser Baer has the advantage of economies of scale and is also planning 300 outlets with PAN India footprint exclusively for VCD / DVD business. Moser Baer is in advanced stages of negotiations with various Bollywood and regional movie companies and Producers to acquire ‘Content Rights‘.

The home entertainment market in India will witness a shakeout where pirated DVD sellers will walk out of business. Online DVD rental companies such as catchflix.com, cinesprite.com and madhouse.in, may face an uphill task to stay in Business. They can have an edge over Moser Baer only if they deploy advanced innovative technology to rate, review, interact amongst it’s consumers which Moser Baer will lack. Also delivery to doorstep will help only if they have good quality of service.

Will Moser Baer also enter games manufacturing and retailing ?

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