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USB Flash Drives from Moser Baer India

December 2nd, 2006

Moser Baer India Ltd, the company which revolutionized CD/DVD market by introducing the low cost discs is all set to compete in the Flash Storage space.

Just a while ago, I learnt that the company will start selling USB based flash drives with data capacity ranging between 512MB and 4GB. The drives are aggressively priced starting from Rs 500 to Rs4,000. A rupee for every MB of flash storage space.

According to a survey by Dataquest IT magazine, the Indian market for flash drives has seen stupendous growth and has grown from 100,000 units in 2004-05 to 900,000 units in 2005-06. The shift from FDD to pen drives, which started in the last 1-2 years, gained considerable momentum in the year 2005-06. Moser Baer is all set to cash in on this local boom. However, I have had terrible experience with Chinese manufactured USB drives available in local market. I will never BUY them again and will prefer to go with a good brand such as Moser Baer.

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