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YouTube Tricks and Tips

March 26th, 2007

You just watched a video on YouTube and its no more available ? Don’t worry, just like how you can retrieve a web page from Google Cache, you can retrieve a YouTube Video from its cache but make sure you save it as it will be permanently offline after few minutes.

How to wach deleted YouTube Videos ?
To view the Video, just enter the Video ID at delutube and you can watch it.

How to Save YouTube videos to your disk ?
For any YouTube Video, just add the word “Kiss” and you’ve got it. For example, to download songs from Namaste London, search on YouTube and you get “http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QfL99qNRIzM”. Now add “Kiss” as shown below and you are all set to download.

You need a “FLV” player to play these videos. Download “FLV Player” here.

Maximize YouTube or Online Flash Video Viewing Experience:
In India we still lack really good broadband connections. So how to view YouTube video without any interruption ? As soon as you open the video, hit the pause button. By doing so the video will get buffered and you can see the progress bar advancing. Once the entire video is buffered, you can then click Play and ENJOY!!!

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