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Homeopathy Online – Doctor earns Rs 9 crore

April 5th, 2007

India is not just earning from IT and ITeS. Traditional Indian school of medicine – Homeopathy has customers from around the world.

Meet Dr Rajesh Shah a leading Online remedy specialist who treats patients suffering from simple diseases to leucoderma for patients in 124 countries around the world. No he doesn’t fly but Dr. Shah is making the best use of Internet to cure patients.

Dr. Shah has setup 30 websites such as www.classicalhomeopathy.com, www.askdrshah.com , www.leucoderma.com etc. He has 10 online doctors working for him. With most websites, the initial consultation is free. Only when the patient opts for treatment, he will be charged. Average billing is around Rs 6,000-Rs 7,000 per patient. He easily makes $ 2 Million a year.

Dr. Shah stands as a good lesson for hungry land grabbers and Realtors in India who can setup online clinics and have a promising practice around the world.

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