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Deliver Live Online Presentation

August 3rd, 2007

Ever wondered how to deliver Live Power Point Presentation to your Offshore Team 1,000s of miles away sitting in your own office ? Here is a chance to do so using Slideware. Unlike Zoho, Slideware lets you deliver Live Presentation over broadband to the remote team as though you are having a web conference.

Also you can share the slides and analyze them later if the other party actually went through or was sleeping 😉 If you are a blogger then you can easily push this presentation to your blog or your Share Point server on your Intranet or any other web publishing system.

Taking this idea further now that we have all the 3 colors [RGB] available in LASER, can we not just create 3D object presentation ? Sounds like a costly affair, but may well be of research interest in this increasingly globalized work culture.

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