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How to find Large Files on PC ?

August 18th, 2007

Sometimes we run into situations that Windows is running out of memory. A friend of mine had downloaded some spicy Bollywood Movies and MMS in various folders and after a while his 100 Gig hard disk is full. Being a command line guru I used the /O-S switch and solved his problem. But not many know how to even open a command window, for them, their is this fantastic utility that will help you locate Large Files on your PC.

Top100files will locate the top 100 large files on your PC with filename, folder location, size and date when the file was last modified. We ran a benchmark on a 160 GB hard-drive under various scenarios and we found that th entire hard disk scan took less than 2.5 minutes. Once you have located those large files, you can get rid of the unwanted ones and also run the disk defragmenter.

Do let us know your comments and experience in using the same.

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