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AMCs Oppose Entry Load Waiver on Mutual Funds

September 10th, 2007

Indian Mutual Fund Asset Management Companies [AMC] like HDFC, ICICI and Kotak have opposed SEBI’s move on Entry Load Waiver for investments in Mutual Funds.

Earlier to this Bull Market in India, Mutual Funds had waived the entry load for investors, really especially the SIP investors. In 2006, AMCs and Distributors formed a cartel and started ripping off innocent Indian investor.

SEBI and AMFI together have come a long way to break this cartel but powerful men in Financial Markets are trying to squeeze smaller Indians like me and you. DalalStreet has created an online petition that will be submitted to SEBI, AMFI and Finance Minsitry. Kindly sign this petition and earn more on your hard earned money. Don’t bow down to the financial cartel like HDFC and ICICI.

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