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Rate your Boss + Face on the Billboard

October 17th, 2007

As a part of Bosses Day Celebration, you can now visit BossMeter and rate your boss. Here is a sample report card of a Boss. Do recall the good, the bad and the ugly things your boss does at work before you rate him. I thought of HARI Sadu when I rated my boss.

After rating your boss, do you have the creativity in you ? If so then here is your chance to show yourself on the Billboards of Mumbai. BPL Mobile has “Get in the Loop ” contest. You have to upload group pictures and if you have some kind of logo or design which indicate a loop then your chances of winning are higher. Here are some most recent submissions which are likely to make it to the winners list. For sure this marketing gimmick is going to work across the web. Think of how viral social networks can be in future 🙂

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