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Convert Text to Audio MP3/WMA with TextAloud

December 20th, 2007

Are you one of those who like to listen rather than read ? Then, TextAlouds Text to MP3 or WMA is just for you. If you are moving on the busy streets of Mumbai or any Tier-I city in India, use this software to convert all the text that you need to read[Documents, e-Mails, News, Research reports, etc] and load the MP3 files to your portable player and Zooommm :-). We found that TextAloud is easy to use and one can start listening immediately.

The software includes Firefox toolbar. For instance you can download your favorite blog or newspaper to portable MP3 every morning. Its a great way to multi task, especially for a busy executive or a businessman. You can now download and install the full version by 1:30PM Dec-21st for FREE.

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