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Mobile office on USB with EverNote Portable

December 27th, 2007

Have you ever wanted to have a Mobile Office on your USB stick as you move from office to office ? Laptop is one solution, however it doesn’t serve the purpose always as we may not have internet connection or power cuts etc. EverNote Portable 2.1 solves this problem of Mobile Office without having to carry a laptop.
All you need is a 1 GB USB stick on which you can install EverNote Portable 2.1The Portable version provides users who move frequently between computers with data and software portability. It can be installed on any USB flash drive or other removable media. Also the computer from which you access your data and records doesn’t have to have any EverNote software installed 🙂 Yes!!! I am positive about it. Isn’t it a cool product solving problem in real world which Microsoft and Google failed to address ? You can download and install the FULL WORKING VERSION of EverNote 2.1 within the next 23 hours [Offer Expires 1:30 PM Dec-28th IST] without requiring to pay any license fees.

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