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Provide Computer Support using CrossLoop 2.0

December 7th, 2007

I just bumped into this Video on YouTube. It is all about a company called CrossLoop. The company has written a fantastic desktop software which enables you to share your entire desktop. So what’s the big deal, we can do this using Microsoft messenger too.

The big deal is CrossLoop has mashed up the ideas of eLance and Remote Desktop and support. Yes, you can register with CrossLoop and offer your areas of expertise in the World of Windows XP/Vista etc and can help any remote person[troubleshoot his computer, remove spyware, clean using anti-virus, etc] who in turn will write a feedback of your support. This database can help you win offshore projects through GetaFreeLancer or anything that can help you make money using your talent.

You can now register and start gaining credits on CrossLoop and then when CrossLoop will be ported to Facebook, bing you have your potential clients for profits.

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