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Sandisk Ducati 4GB in India

December 13th, 2007

If you are tired of your cheap tech-Com or other local drives your computer reseller has sold you, its time to dump the reseller and look for quality products. Sandisk, world’s largest manufacturer of USB drives has introduced the all new super-fast Sandisk Ducati 4GB Thumb Drive in India.
Sandisk designers borrowed inspiration from the Ducati Motorbike while designing this drive which is encased in a metal shell with red glossy paint and silver and black details. It also has a Tail Light which blinks during data transfer.

The drive supports Windows Vista,XP, 200, Mac OS and Linux. The drive exhibited super fast data transfer taking just 35 seconds to receive a 699 MB file. On the flip side, the drive doesn’t have any encryption, backup or U3 capability.

SanDisk bundles a RescuePRO deluxe – a data recovery software that can recover files deleted from any drive specifically meant for memory cards and thumb drives. We feel its a great value for money product. It retails in India for Rs 4,150.

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