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Windows XP Service Pack 3 in India

December 19th, 2007

Calling attention of all broadband users and corporate system administrators in India, Microsoft just a while ago released Windows XP Service Pack 3. XP evolving from NT Kernel is one of the best operating systems Microsoft has ever delivered. The beauty of XP SP 3 is that it can be uninstalled anytime if you are not happy with the performance. Unlike Windows Vista which was titled the Worst Product of 2007, one should not expect any surprises in XP SP. SP 3 also signals the end of sale of Windows XP OS in 2009 because SP 4 will be out in 2008 and the notice of discontinuity will be served thereafter.

XP Service Pack 3 is essentially updates from the release of XP SP 2. Your computer maybe automatically updated with only Critical patches and not all. Hence you are recommended to Download and Directly install Windows SP Service Pack 3 from Microsoft. System Admins can read the release notes before they go for a massive unattended installs in Corporate India.

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