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DoT bats for encryption code compliance for e-commerce

March 19th, 2008

Finally the Indian authorities have woken up to enforce encryption standards for online transactions. [We educated our readers on Safe and Secure online shopping way back in 2006] Online banking transaction and e-commerce transactions involving credit card or debit card are open to Government surveillance.

As per the law, all Internet based service providers are required to submit a decryption key to the government if they use more than 40 but encryption code to secure the transactions. However, many of the service providers have already resisted to Government’s request saying,

We don’t want to give away our commerce keys to leaky and flaky Government departments and corrupt officials as this will make our online services unsecured.

DoT itself is not sure on how to accept these codes if someone goes forward to comply with their rules. It happens only in India 🙂

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