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Mobile + Internet Movie Ticket Booking – A Big Hit

March 15th, 2008

Hardworking and Intelligent Indians supporting global economies rarely find time to go and stand in the Multiplex queues to get a bit of weekend entertainment for work-life balance. These smart Indians have adapted to either Internet or Mobile as platform to book their movie tickets.
Time for some self Praise – We were the first to write about the availability of Online and Mobile Booking in October 2006. Since then many companies like Book My Show have tried to organize the market for convenient booking.

In an exclusive survey report published by AT Kearnery, it is found that 12% of the movie tickets are sold using these channels and is expected to touch 20% very soon. [This is only in urban Areas, and mostly that is where we have all the Multiplexes. It will take time to reach semi-urban and rural areas] Tushar Dhingra of Adlabs said,

Cell phones will emerge as the most important alternative platform for buying tickets. Even though it will take some time to get mainstream and will over take e-ticketing.

Sure one has to agree with Tushar as we all know that Worlds most successful VC, Jon Doerr has said that mobile phone is the most important device and also setup a $100 million ifund to help startups develop innovative mobile applications.

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