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Changing Economics of Publishing Industry

April 30th, 2008

Last festive Season, Amazon unveiled Kindle – an electronic hand held device for reading. Since then it has been a big hit as we see users who are tech savvy and are on the leading edge of technological innovation adopting to this new device. Some environmentalists have also backed the use of e-Readers to read e-Books available for download on Amazon and other online stores.

However, the business model is somewhat different here in India with low PC penetration. Web 2.0 company, Sulekha has tied up with online retailer, Indiaplaza to publish books on bloggers original work. Sulekha will publish 2 books every month and is determined by host of Analytics as to which book gos for publication.

With Internet companies at the forefront, gone are the days of approaching a publishing company if you want to test waters with Writing Skills. Sure, Internet is a disruptive technology and as engineers continue to innovate, we will see far reaching effects in our lives.

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