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XBox 360 Miserable Failure in India

May 20th, 2008

We know of many failures in this world. However in the Indian tech world, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 is a miserable failure. The company is withdrawing the product from shelves and closing down operations in several Tier-I cities. As usual the company has denied its plans to wind up operations but is unwilling to disclose sales figures too.

Blame it on the or pricing or the Govt of India for Taxes levied on console and packaged software. Microsoft desperately tried to push the product by tying up with India’s worst bank ICICI offering EMI or discounts during festivals, but none seemed to have worked.

Understanding the Indian consumer is lot different. Western business model seldom works in India. For instance take the example of organized retailing in India, Kishore Biyani’s Future Group has understood the Indian consumer so well, they have introduced Differential Pricing and Product merchandising in their Central stores which maybe uncommon in the US.

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