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Cuil Search Engine – Box Office Flop for Now

July 28th, 2008

Box Office Flops don’t matter much in the world of Web 2.0. They always have a chance to make a come back as we are either in Spiral or Waterfall Model of Development cycles. Two Former Googlers, who worked in the core search engine operation, really especially crawling and indexing have went live with their own search engine “Cuil

Our first had experience with Cuil was not really good and so is the opinion of thousands of engineers and beta testers across the world. Quick bugs we found in the first 60 seconds of testing are,

  • The info / management page loads intermittently [yes sure, the site lack good content distribution network] Terribly slow to access here in India
  • ajax based auto completion of search terms. search results were really bad [ A search for Wimax Bangalore didn’t yield this page] Cuil for now is excluding crawling blogs and web 2.0 properties embraced by Google
  • the engine failed to return pronunciation of its own name “Cuil”
  • search result page layout can be set to have results displayed in two or three columns with an image on the side

Cuil no doubt can crawl and index but Retrieving relevant information is a challenge for them. Well, maybe it’ll be solved in few years as they are looking to pouch more Googlers who have worked in that domain.

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