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Get Paid for your Review Type Contribution on the Web

July 25th, 2008

Are you one of those net junkie who turn to the www for information extraction and sharing ? Have you been taken for a ride by a third rate insurance company like ICICI or Airline like Simplifly Deccan ?

Say goodbye to those stupid old forums and review sites like Mouthshut who continued to make money on your content. Introducing, OnYoMo.com – On Your Move. OnYoMo is paying credits to customer sharing their views about anything that exists in their tow from Small Businesses to Banks, Restaurants, Malls to Airlines.

By just spending time on their site writing reviews, or voting for other reviews you continue to earn points which can be encashed to Buy Movie Tickets, Online Shopping etc. With heavy Monsoon rains lashing over the weekend, maybe its time to vent out your frustrated moments you may have had or the pleasant food that pleased your clients on OnYoMo.

Burrp another lifestyle review and socializing portal for Tier-I Indian cities also pays selectedly for reviews. You may try your luck here as well.

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