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Google Hints about Trillion Pages in its Cache

July 29th, 2008

A day after Cuill released its Search Engine to the Public with 126 billion pages in cache, Google’s Search Engineers / Scientists have quietly posted a blog saying that they map more than a Trillion URLs filtering out all the duplicates leave them with Trillion unique ones.

Cuill sure addresses the problem of fast crawling and Indexing but they are worse than Microsoft in presenting relevant information. Also Google now has the World’s largest super computing system beating IBM, Pentagon, NASA and other US defense related projects. The Web is adding approximately few hundred million unique pages every day. Kindly note that the way we Produce and Consume Media in the next 10 years will be entirely different and traditional means will be History.

Google is now massively focusing on the World’s largest Internet Market – China to Index and Serve localized content. Anyone else other than Cuill to challenge the mighty Google ?

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