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Google AdManager – Power for Publishers

August 27th, 2008

Google AdSense the World’s only Successful Contextual Advertising Network, which has been on a cycle of innovation providing more tools for Advertisers has released Google AdManager – a powerful tool in the hands of medium and Small Publishers to enhance and optimize their campaign for better ROI, Inventory Forecasting, etc. For large Advertisers, Google has taken over Doubleclick and you might want to peek there.

In our research we have found that Google is the Best Advertising network as most other networks have failed to embrace the blackened technology what Google has built. Microsoft with its vocal claims since 2005 is yet to release a Contextual Advertising system while Yahoo! has been trying with little results. More details on Google AdManager here.

The beauty of Google Adsense is the philosophy of Google [Do No Evil] – Advertise without irritating the reader. Google Scientists have gone few extra miles to analyze the landing page of each Advertiser to make sure that they are taking readers to a really safe website. [Other day I was served an Ad from Clicksor (A pop-up) which when dismissed installed an Adware on the system] The difference is non-Google Advertising Networks don’t have the Technology to filter out badware and do back end analysis.

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