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Moto ROKR EM25 + EM28 + EM30 in India

August 7th, 2008

Motorola has expended its offering in the entry level Music and Camera enabled handsets with the launch of ROKR EM25, ROKR EM28 and ROKR EM30. All are GSM based handsets.
Moto ROKR EM25 EM28 EM30 Music Phones in IndiaROKR EM25: It is a Sliding phone with FM Radio and SongID technology to identify a song. It is Bluetooth enable, supports microSD card and comes with a 1.3MP camera.

ROKR EM28: It is clamshell phone with emphasis on Music. The front of the phone shows the Song and name of Artist so that users don’t have to open the handset. It has 3D sound effects and an equalizer. Supports FM Radio and has a 1.3 MP camera as well.

ROKR EM30: The most colorful handset in this launch is EM30. Bundled with illuminating keyboard, really especially the music ones which is illuminated when the music is being played. Support Windows media 11 and other features. Supports Bluetooth and microSD card. It also has 2 MP camera.

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