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Android G1 Unveiled by Google

September 24th, 2008

Google the only company that adheres to the best software development process [as told by Bjarne Stroustrup] ventured into the mobile development vertical with its open source Android platform.

Today the company has unveiled the first handset, a smart phone manufactured by HTC and will be marketed by T-Mobile, USA under the brand G1. [Picture on left, Mobile India has more pictures of the G1 Android Phone]

Many people had built up expectations of comparing it with Apple’s iPhone and i am sure there is some disappointment on this front. We think G1 is a smart phone for developers to build applications or for geeks who are always on the Infocomm highway.

John Doerr, Board Member of Google Inc has already setup a $100 mn iFund to help startups developing applications for the iPhone. Now expect some money from Doerr and other VCs to flow into G1 Android Apps development community.

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