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Flutter – Free iPhone Picture Messaging

September 15th, 2008

iPhone maybe struggling to sell in India. However, for those who have bought and wondered how to send pictures around to your friends here is a FREE iPhone Picture Messaging Application from JuiceCaster that went Live just minutes ago under the brand name – Flutter.

Flutter also tries a mashUp with Google Maps if you include the location where the picture was shot. All you have to do is capture the pic, geo-tag it, select friends from your address book and send it. Around a minute later a message should pop-up in your friends inbox with the image or a link to it.

Kindly note that this is not like our routine MMS where you will be using the underlying Wireless Operator’s service. Instead you are using Flutter’s Application which will use GPRS / Internet connectvity on your iPhone and hence it will be FREE. The contention now is, should Vodafone India and Airtel charge based on bandwidth usage or continue to offer unlimited data transfer plans ?

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