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iPhone 3G struggling to SELL

September 8th, 2008

After the heavily publicized and hyped launch of iPhone 3G Mobile phone in India, both Bharti Airtel and Vodafone India are struggling to sell the phone. According to media reports they may have not been able to sell more than 1,500 phones in the first week.

We think the iPhone 3G launch is a miserable failure in India due to pricing and wrong marketing strategies. Well, most Indians were hoping to get the iPhone 3G in India for $299, the price at which it is sold in the US. However, Airtel and Vodafone completely failed to educate their call center executives as well as prospective customers that iPhone in the US is sold under Wireless Plan Deals at that cheap rate and customers will incur a monthly charge which is more than regular wireless calling.

Secondly, Airtel asked customers to pre-register. Around 100,000 registered and when they called back to ask on the status, the call center as well as Airtel vendors had no knowledge of it. I think they should have started marketing the phone to their premium customers, but the company neglected them as well.

In a last bid attempt to push the expensive phone into the hands of customers, Bharti Airtel has tied up with VISA credit card and is offering the iphone to SBI Credit Card holders as well as ICICI Bank Visa Card holders on EMI basis.

Gartner Research Analyst has said that the price of iPhone may fall upto 15% in India. So think twice before you fall into any credit card traps.

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