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Yahoo SpotM – Indian Social Network

September 22nd, 2008

Yahoo! India has launched private beta version of its India Specific Social NetworkSpotM. It is not very clear why the “M” in SpotM – Masti or Mobile or … ?

SpotM allows mobile SMS integration to chat and have also added an anonymous friend feature without revealing your mobile number. This is mostly in-line with current trends in the Indian social networking space. This is Yahoo’s second attempt after reciving poor response for 360 and shutting down its Mash. Yahoo 360 is something like Rediff Connexions.

Google’s Orkut is already leading the market in India. While, IndyaRocks, BharatStudent and BigAdda are the big gainers in terms of users. Check out the entire list of Social Networks operating in India here.

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  1. Raj Garat
    March 28th, 2009 at 04:38 | #1

    Another website to keep an eye on is SocialSynapse. http://www.socialsynapse.com
    It is a social portal for young Indians worldwide. They are currently accepting Beta testers for a launch later this month.

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