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Listen Music from PC to Mobile – How to

October 21st, 2008

Are you a Geek with Gigs of Music on your PC and always wanted to listen to it on your Smart Mobile Phone on the move ? Didiom lets you precisely do the something very similar to what Shoutcast server did for remote playing of licensed music.

What you have to do is download Didiom Desktop Application and configure the same [select folders containing music] The next step for you is to install the Didiom client on your cell phone and authenticate yourself. As long as both the cell and PC are connected to the internet, you can browse and listen to any songs stored on your PC directly on your mobile. You can watch the live demo here.

This Software reminds me of WinAmp Shoutcast which I used during my Grad School days. Stream my favorite songs for the day from server and listen to the stream from School Labs 🙂

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