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Microsoft Rampage On Chinese Pirates of Windows OS

October 26th, 2008

The World’s Largest Software Company Microsoft went on a Rampage by releasing an anti-piracy tool especially targeted at Chinese market where the PC /Laptop screen would be turned black if the user has installed a pirated copy.

China has the largest number of Internet users in the World and the market is growing really fast with rampant piracy and little effort from the Chinese government to curb the same. Some hardcore pro-China lawyers complained against Microsoft for invasion of privacy without any substance. Microsoft has argued with its own battery of lawyers that it has not violated any Chinese laws.

Microsoft is also offering steep discounts in China to convert pirated Windows and Office software into legal copies, but the company has had little success yet. If you are a Software Developer / Company, then beware before you enter China because they are known for pirating even Routers 🙂

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