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Name Finder + Word Builder Utility

October 22nd, 2008

Have you been searching and Googling to get an unique name for your brand, company etc ? Or are you trying to build your vocabulary and can’t recollect the word that you learnt last week which is on he tip of your tongue ? Or are you one of those crazy Word freak ? Here is a fantastic tool for you guys to play with – Tip of My Tongue.

This tool lets you find Words with various combinations – Starts With, Ends With, Contains etc. – Best suited for finding Domain names. Say, you can enter Ends With “in” and starts with “a” to “z” and find all the catchy domain names.

You can use the tool to Unscramble the Words. Tip of My Tongue additionally functions as a limited Thesaurus. Its FREE to use 🙂

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