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Send Free Group SMS – Google

October 8th, 2008

Google is leaving no stone unturned to cash in on the mobile boom in India. SMS which constitutes the bulk of mobile value added services market is now being embraced by Google. The company has launched SMS Channel, where you can form groups and go for FREE Group Messaging.

For instance, if you are a stock market analyst and send out hourly SMS updats to your clients, you can ask your client to subscribe to the same and with click of Mouse, you can send FREE unlimited messages. The messages were delivered within 15 seconds, really appricable.

Also, if you publish unique content / blog, the title of your post will be sent as an SMS to your readers [RSS to SMS for FREE]. When we tested the RSS to SMS, we found a Lag of 60 Minutes.

Their are thousands of channels from News to Jokes to Hacking tips which can be sent using Google SMS Channels.

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