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Google Docs + Spreadhseet – No Acceptance Yet

November 16th, 2008

According to Compete.com, 2 years after having launched Google Docs + Spreadsheets to challenge the Microsoft dominance in Office Software, Google has gained very little acceptance from consumers.

Average Unique visitors to Docs + Spreadsheets in Sept-08, was mere 3.1. Average time spent by users on either of these properties was a dismal 5 minutes. What is the Average time you spend to compose a letter in MS-Office Word ? If you are an Analyst then you could be easily spending close to 5 hours every day on Spreadsheets and Documents.

Microsoft also has launched an online office. We have in our personal experience found that Zoho Docs and Zoho Reports better than any available online versions of office productivity suite. For offline version Sun’s Star Office 3.0 is a great product.

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