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Tata’s EKA SuperComputer – World’s 13th Most Powerful

November 18th, 2008

EKAThe Supercomputer built by private effort from Tata Sons is ranked as the world’s 13th most powerful cluster according to the latest review of rankings by Top 500 Supercomputing sites. Another Supercomputer from India – Param by C-DAC is ranked at 69.

EKA is powered by Intel’s EM64T Chips [AMD x64 is the equivalent] with Linux OS and Infiniband DDR used for interconnect. Hardware and clustering software is provided by HP. It has a peak computing power of 172.224 teraFLOPS achieved by 1794 compute nodes – 14,352 compute node processor cores. It has 28.704 terabytes of DDR memory and 40 terabytes of high performance disk storage.

The Top-9 are occupied by various research and national labs of the United States. China’s Shanghai Supercomputer center managed to enter the Top-10 and is at the 10th place.

Google’s core search is amongst the Top-3 supercomputing systems in the world. However, we think due to IP issues, the company is not competing for the slot.

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