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WeFi + La Fonera Wi-Fi HotSpots Future

November 28th, 2008

Free Internet Broadband by Wi-Fi or access at minimal cost was made possible to folks on the go by Fon worldwide. WeFi another statup came up with a product to detect Wi-Fi networks in the vicinity of the device – Laptop/ Smart Phone etc [OK, Windowx XP / Vista already has this kind of feature] WeFi hosts a database of high speed broadband access spots which helps new uesres detect and connect to the best possible network.

According to latest reports, Fon has around 1 million La Fonera users some FREE and some paid. 500,000 of these Wi-Fi hotspots are regularly up and running. You can look up for La Fonera [Wi-Fi Hot spot powered by Fon] We found two places in Bengaluru – Jaymahal and Malleshwaram.

Now in the light of WiMax becoming one big Broadband Hotspot over a city and ISPs capping broadband data transfer limit, can Fon gain the momentun ?

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