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Blocking Javascript can Conserve Power

December 2nd, 2008

According to a latest study by SecTheory researchers on Internet Security, blocking Javascript on websites helps you conserve power. [We have personally witnessed this on a 5 year old laptop, when we load heavily scripted web pages, the CPU starts making noise as if its doing to die any moment.]

The top 10 power abusers in Firefox 3.0.4 consumed 0.481 Amperage or 56.758 Watts while the normal idling power consumption was between .36 and .39. Adding NoScript [Blocks Javascript] and AdBlock [Blocks all Javascript based Ads] the consumption was 382 Amps (45.076 Watts). This research how significant dynamic client side technologies and advertisements are to overall power usage of the average consumer.

In a separate study, it was noted that designing web-pages with a black background will also help conserve power since the black pixels on CRT based monitors will be turned off.

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