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Microsoft’s 30GB Zune Fails WorldWide

December 31st, 2008

Microsoft’s music player – Zune has started collapsing since the 31st of Dec worldwide according to reports pouring in. Many frustrated users have been abusing Microsoft of ripping them off with badly designed product (nothing unusual I’d say for MS). Here is a YouTube Video showing the Freeze.

Microsoft’s Matt Akers has acknowledged the problem of mass failure of their Zune 30GB Player due to internal clock driver unable to handle Leap Years 🙂 The Zune player should correct itself by Jan-1st. Microsoft has said that it will update the firmware before the next leap year.

This is bound to happen because at Microsoft Developers interview the standard questions are framed by Steve Baldy – like why is the Manhole cover round instead of looking at Best Code Dev Practices.

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