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Windows Live SkyDrive is 25 GB Now

December 4th, 2008

Microsoft has enhanced the online space that users will get on its Live SkyDrive to 25Gigs from 5Gigs earlier, making Microsoft the king in online storage space for users. We had first reviewed the Windows Live SkyDrive in early Feb-08.

Microsoft has enhanced the SkyDrive by giving users the option to download entire folder as a Zip. What Microsoft intends to do with this service is, let it be integrated as a Social File Sharing Service. Limit on File Size has been enhanced to 50MB. You can share Music, Documents, Pictures etc with select few or Groups etc. Hopefully they will introduce Web 2.0 access APIs for SkyDrive soon.

Once Microsoft Office is Live, you can view the documents on your SkyDrive using Microsoft Live Office. Here is a sample document on Mobile Number Portability [PDF] which I have uploaded to SkyDrive.

If you are a Software Developer, then we encourage you to have a look at File Storage using Amazon S3 as the backend.

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