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Windows System Monitor + Cleanup – AnVir Task Manager

December 5th, 2008

AnVir Task Manager is a Windows System Guar Program which has information about ~72,000 startup programs and services including DLLs, Drivers, Network Connections, Internet Explorer, Toolbars, DLLs and even some Trojans and Malware.

This utility can speed up boot time, balance CPU usage and optimize memory [Aren’t they all supposed to be the task of Microsoft who have the first and direct control over Windows Kernel ?] But user community has give an Thumbs-Up to AnVir Task Manager and is doing a better job than Microsoft’s Developers.

You can also enhance and tune up your XP or Vista system by tweaking access to 100s of settings. List of recently used folders and disk space management. AnVir is available for FREE download if you install within the next 23 hours.

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