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L K Advani Blogged – Campaigns on the Web

January 10th, 2009

BJP leader L.K. Advani has taken a leaf out of US President Barrack Obama’s victory lesson – take the election campaign to the Web. Advani’s supporters has launched a full fledged Website LKAdvani.in The beauty of this site is, Advani has gone Web 2.0 savvy and has started a blog. The site also has a forum for active discussion and open for suggestions.

Microsoft should be worried since L.K.Advani is powered by Open Source Products:

  • Content Management system Joomla
  • Hosted on CentOS [Enterprise Linux]
  • Served by Apache/2.2.3

Additionally, the campaign committee is making use of Google’s AdSense, the best global advertising platform on the internet. We bumped across the ad shown above – “Advise BJP on How to Win the Polls” on RetailMantra, BusinessLine etc

It is really nice to see Advani getting Web Savvy in his early 80s 🙂 So can we expect speedy deployment of e-Governance across India if he gets elected as the PM ?

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