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SMS More Than 160 Characters + Easy Typing

January 23rd, 2009

Have you always wondered how to send a SMS more than 160 characters ? Here is a solution to this simple problem solved by an ex-Army Telecom Engineer at CleverTexting.

If you are an Engineer or atleast have that aptitude, then from a theoretical point of view you always know compressing SMS text is feasible, but no implementation of it were available. With SMS accounting for more than 4% of the overall revenues of Indian Mobile Service providers, SMS compression comes in handy for the Indian user. With CleverTexting Software installed on your mobile phones, you can pack upto 210 characters in a single SMS. It is easy for the end users as the software takes care of the compression. However, the recipient of the SMS also needs software so that it can be uncompressed and presented in a readable form.

CleverTexting software also attempts to solve another problem of typing SMS. Its algorithms are developed to predict the next key which is likely to be presed by the user and position it ergonomically such that it becomes really easy to compose the message.

You can download CleverText SMS compression + Easy Character Prediction software and install on your mobile phones. It is absolutely FREE to use and works with your touchscreen phone as well 🙂 Do let us know your feedback.

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