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HDFC Bank Meritus Scholarships – Tedious Online Viral Marketing

February 21st, 2009

It is Exam Time across India for Kids and HDFC Bank has decided to encash upon this opportunity. HDFC Bank is giving away 5,000 scholarships worth 1.5 crore each between Rs 1,500 to Rs 1 million. The offer is valid for meritorious students between Grade 4th through 9th.

The selection of students will be done after an Interactive Voice Response – IVR Test. There will be 3 such tests. In addition to this, HDFC is also seeking Grades of Last 2 years and the students performance in Extracurricular activities [Music, Arts, Craft or as extreme as Robotics and Sports etc]

Parents need to register and have to submit document proof as well. [Well, at the first thought it looks like they are giving away money to bright kids recognizing their talent, but Documentation + PAN CARD etc means a Marketing Initiative to Cross Sell products from Banking, Insurance and Mutual Funds stable of HDFC]

Anyway, if you are not afraid of Do Not Call Spamming on Your Mobile and want to encourage your Kid, you can register with HDFC Bank for the Merit Scholarship here. You can register complaints against this event on Complaint Box.

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