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Send / Email Large File with Outlook Plugin

March 18th, 2009

It is a common problem for most of us to send Large Files as attachments as several different Free Email service providers have limits on the attachment ranging from 5MB to 20MB. What if the size of the Video of your new born is 25MB and you immediately want it to be sent to your friends and folks amidst your busy schedule ?

Acrobat has solved this problem as they are giving away 5 Gigs of Free Space and a Plugin to your Microsoft Outlook 2007 Client. You need to download and install the plugin which will add a Tab to your Microsoft Outlook 2007 Client as shown below.
You can then upload a file using the – Upload File and Insert Link and the Plugin will take the upload and physically store the file on your Acrobat.com account and insert a link in the e-mail message being composed in Outlook. However, this plugin only works with Microsoft Office 2007 only.

If you are using Office 2003, then you can always try the YouSendIt Plugin which has similar functionality.

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