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Students – Code and Win $4,500 this Summer

March 24th, 2009

Open Source Advocate Google Inc has been sponsoring students across the world to spend their time working on Open Source Projects during the summer and also earn. In the past 4 years, the company has given out $15 mn across 2,500 projects.

Google is now accepting applications for Summer of Code -2009. You can work on any one of the projects from your chosen area of Interest be it Operating systems, Compilers, Database, Web Development etc. Here is a list of open source projects you can work on as a part of Summer of Code 2009.

First, choose the area of interest. Go through the list of project Ideas and see where your skill sets match.Then come up with a decent proposal on the project and submit it to the respective organization or mentor / mailing list. If convinced that you will execute the project, they will accept it and recommend Google to sponsor you. Kindly be professional in your approach.

Successfully completing Google’s Summer of Code is a great achievement and will have an extremely high weight age while interviewing for a Job.

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